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My Role


Designed the gameplay mechanics and the story


Developed the game by myself

Spirit Cat is a 2.5D narrative-driven puzzle platformer where a spirit kitty, Anna, trying to go back home by finding back her lost memories. Players will help Anna solve puzzles using her spirit abilities that controls the environment. The game was made in Unity, and can be played on both PC and Mac.

The original idea was from me and another student who wrote the story, and the game was created by myself. The music was done by two students at Berklee College of Music. Click here to read my experience of working on emotional play.

Clink here to download the demo.



Control the Environment


Solve Puzzles


Collect Journals/Memories


Explore the World

Emotional Play

Anchor: Emotinal Play

In this project, the idea was to let player form an emotional connection with the spirit cat Anna as they help her go back to her home. By reading the journals her owner left in the forest about their time together, Anna eventually collects all her lost memories and go back to the sweet home and the owner. 

This was my first time making an emotional and narrative-driven game. I want the players to feel a strong emotional connection between Anna and her owner. Throughout the journey, I want the players to know that, even though you might be alone, there are also someone thinking about you.

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