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Hi, I’m Elsa!

I’m an Interactive Media and Game Developer and recently graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Interactive Media and Games. I started learning about game development in my sophomore year and had experiences in many different areas in my previous projects: game design, game production, VR/AR, game user research, programming, animation, and modeling. 


I have a BS in Business Administration and a minor in Game Design from USC for my undergraduate study. In addition to my current experiences, I will continue learning about new skills and technologies and developing games that speak to my heart.


I’m also a UX Researcher. I have worked as a user research intern at User Behavioristics for more than three years, and I’ve worked on 20+ game projects in collaboration with various developers.

I believe that interactive media as a new media has a lot of potential. By creating feelings, emotions, meanings, worlds, and atmospheres, it can be used in not only entertainment but also other fields such as creativity, education, and healthcare. I want to explore these areas in my future study. 


I love hiking, dancing, playing games, watching movies, and playing with my dog and cats! I enjoy traveling and love the mountains and the seas. I am also a competitive archer and the 2022 USA Collegiate Barebow National Champion!

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