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Sharkfall Pinball
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Sharkfall Pinball is a pinball game of a shark eating small fishes. It was created for a school class project of remaking a pinball game. This is designed and programmed by myself using Unity Engine.

Click here to download the demo.

My Role


Designed gameplay mechanics


Programmed the game myseld



The Sea Board


Shark Eats Fishes


Observe Fish Moving Cycle


Get All Fishes and Win

Meaningful Goal

Pinball is a popular classic arcade game that has been played by many generations. In this demo, I'm trying to add a "story" to the pinball mechanics. Players shoot the shark as the ball on the board, and their goal is to eat all the moving fishes in the sea.

By adding a simple narrative like shark eating fishes, I noticed that players' motivation and satisfaction have increased significantly. In the original pinball game, player goal is to get the highest score as possible, which could be repetitive at times. Adding the story means giving the simple mechanics a meaningful goal. As a result, even with the same mechanics, a lot of players expressed that they felt more satisfied than playing the original game. 

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