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My Role


Designed the gameplay mechanics and levels


Programmed half of the game in collaboration with another student

Keep Alive  is a 2D pixel art style puzzle platformer. It was developed for a class project by me and another student using Unity Engine. The game was inspired by Trap Adventure and I Wanna Be the Guy, and we want to make a game that is very difficult and unpredictable

In Keep Alive, players will need to react quickly to avoid traps and jump platforms. The difficulty increases as the levels go up, and players need to keep alive and reach the final exit of the game.

Click here to download the demo.


Simple Control.gif

Simple Controls

Difficult to Achieve.gif

Difficult to Achieve

Unpredictable Traps.gif

Unpredictable Traps

Keep Alive.gif

Keep Alive

Break the Rule of Thumb

Normally in games, we want to have a consistency in the game world for players to learn from and become more familiar. However, what if we break this rule and make something that is completely the opposite? 

In this project, we are creating a game world that is unpredictable and difficult. There are objects that come out of no where and kill the players, and traps that have never showed up in the previous levels and players would fall down in them. 

It turns out the game is fun! Players enjoy learning about this new type of game that is different from what they normally would play. Even though they are killed many times, most of the players are still motivated to beat the game and keep alive. 

What I learn: When making games, there are a lot of recognized rules that are used in most games. However, breaking these rules doesn't mean that this is a "bad game". The games could be fun and addictive if we step out of the box!

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