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Yuwei Lin's MFA Thesis Project

May 2022 - May 2023

My Roles in this Project: Producer, User Researcher

The Cleaner:
Recreating Censorship in Video Games

Thesis Question:

  • How can I make players understand the dilemmas of game creation under extreme censorship?

  • How can I encourage players tp navigate censorship restrictions when designing the game?

Project Goal: To simulate the censorship process and its impact on game designers' decision-making.

Experience Goals: 

  • Creativity: Players will feel the hardship of balancing censorship guidelines and the game's creative ideas.

  • Freedom: Players will feel the internal longing for the freedom of creation in game development.

  • Future: To apply the emotions players experience to their understanding of the current and future video game market.

Thesis Paper Link

Project Main Page Link

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